Bernard-Henri Lévy parle aux Américains du danger pakistanais (Dangerous Nation, Newsweek, May 05, 2011)

96592I’ve been saying it since the publication of my investigation into the death of Daniel Pearl, and I will repeat it now: Pakistan, far more than North Korea, Iran, or Syria, is the most dangerous country in the world. Why? Because its secret services are infiltrated by jihadism. Because the father of the Pakistani bomb, Abdul Qadeer Khan, was a member of Lashkar-e-Taiba, a jihadi group that was a component of the first circle of Al Qaeda. And because the senior staff of the organization, its upper-echelon directors, have always been coddled, hidden, protected by Pakistan.

As someone familiar with Abbottabad, I can say there is no doubt in my mind that bin Laden was welcomed, then dropped, by the powers that be in Pakistan, according to the terms of a bargain we do not yet understand. I would even speculate that it was known not, as I read everywhere, by « a few elements » of the Pakistani military hierarchy, but by the hierarchy itself.

We imagined bin Laden hiding out in a grotto. We thought he was running from one makeshift shelter to another. Not so. As in 2003, when he was admitted for care at the hospital of the Binori Town mosque in the heart of Karachi, he was living under the protection of a strategic ally of the United States.

Let us hope that this time the Obama administration will learn the strikingly obvious lesson about this supposed ally.

By Bernard-Henri Lévy

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