BHL on BBC : « Syria and Bachar al Assad today ? it’s a daily shame” (the World Debate on Syria, BBC, 06/07/2012)

logo bbcWhat should the international response be to the accelerating crisis and bloodshed in Syria?
Should the world continue to watch and wait as the Assad regime carries on its brutal suppression of internal opposition forces?
BBC and Stephen Sackur, are joined by leading Bernard-Henri Lévy, international figures and members of the Syrian opposition.
The debate was recorded from the Arab World Institute in Paris on Friday 6 of July 2012, just after the next Friends of Syria meeting hosted by the French government.

Position of B.H. Lévy ? : “In terms of realpolitik, it is urgent to do something. It is urgent to intervene. More and more we wait, more and more there will be chaos in Syria (…) Because Syria is in a such strategic position, the world should do something, and also for humanitarian reasons. There is no way. 16 000 dead up today. They are absolutely  lonely. We are speaking of the meeting of the friends of Syrian Today in Paris. The only friends of Syria, today, the only friend of Syrian people, is the courage of the Syrian fighters. There is no other friends . Mr Obama is not a friend of Syrian people. Mr Hollande
today is not a friend of Syrian people. This is the situation(…) Syria and Bachar al Assad today ? it’s a daily shame. Every morning we wake up with a shame.”

To listen all the debate click here.

Laurence Roblin

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