On 10 January 2017, an English translation of L’esprit du Judaïsme is published by Random House under the title The Genius of Judaism.

On 4 March, Lévy’s fourth war documentary, La Bataille de Mossoul (The Battle of Mosul) is broadcast on Arte. An epilogue to his earlier road movie dedicated to the Kurdish fighters, Peshmerga, which was filmed in 2015 along the thousand-kilometer front separating the Kurds from the Islamic State, La Bataille de Mossoul begins on 17 October 2016 in the middle of the Plain of Nineveh on the first day of the battle for the liberation of Mosul. It ends in mid-January 2017 with the complete liberation of the eastern half of the city and, on the Tigris, of the burial ground of the prophet Jonah, a temple of memory for Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike. Between these dates, Bernard-Henri Lévy and his team criss-cross the terrain. For much of the time they are embedded with the Kurds; at other times, they accompany the Iraqi special forces of the Golden Division. They are in the theater of operations at every crucial step in the battle, tracking—step by step, village by village by village, street by street, and house by house—the fall of the capital of the Islamic State in Iraq and the epicenter of global terrorism. The two documentaries are shown as official selections at international film festivals in Cannes, Spoleto, Amsterdam, Duhok, Milan, Copenhagen, Warsaw, Belgrade, Tel Aviv, and New York.

During the French presidential campaign, Lévy announces his support for Emmanuel Macron and leads a determined fight against populism, including the far right variant espoused by Marine Le Pen. Between the first round of voting and the run-off, he organizes the republican front at a large meeting at the Maison de la Chimie on 5 May 2017, bringing together major political personalities from the left and right as well as figures from civil society.

On 16 May 2017, he receives a Doctorat Honoris Causa from Bar Ilan University near Tel Aviv, his third such honor from an Israeli institution (following awards from Tel Aviv University in 2000 and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2001.

On 26 September 2017, he returns to Erbil, in Iraqi Kurdistan, as an official observer of the referendum on the region’s independence. He publishes several essays in defense of the Kurds and denouncing the aggressiveness of the surrounding countries, which the calls the new “band of four” (Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Turkey), as well as the passive posture of the international community.

On 28 November 2017, Lévy pleads the cause of the Kurdish people before an audience of ambassadors at the United Nations’ headquarters in New York, following a screening of Peshmerga.