On 10 January 2021, JDD announced that BHL was completing a new documentary film based on the Paris Match series. The film, entitled “Another Idea of the World,” was to have appeared in the spring, but, because of the pandemic, will now appear in the fall.

On 27 March, Lévy delivered a speech at the city of Paris’s ceremony honoring Commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, where Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo inaugurated a path named for the Afghan hero in the gardens of the Champs-Elysées. The ceremony was held in the presence of Massoud’s son, Ahmad Massoud. His father “would have appreciated the fact that we are honoring his name at the very moment we are commemorating the Paris Comment,” Lévy said in his remarks.

Grasset published BHL’s latest book, Sur la route des hommes sans nom on 5 May 2021. Based on the author’s travels abroad during the pandemic, the book poses tough questions. What is humanity? Is its unity threatened by the rise of sovereignism and egoism? What has become of the ideal of brotherhood? Why travel abroad in fulfillment of that ideal when there is poverty in your own neighborhood? Are there “good” wars? Why is Don Quixote viewed as a ridiculous figure? What would Achilles say? Hector? What is greatness? Heroism? And why, when one is a well-to-do writer, run the risk of death? Those are just some of the questions Lévy asks in his latest essay, which will appear in English in September 2021 under the title The Will to See: Dispatches from a World of Misery and Hope (Yale University Press).