Bernard-Henri Lévy is, of course, a philosopher. But he has never made a secret of the fact that, for him, philosophy is above all an instrument of combat and a means of advancing the causes he holds dear. Hence this rubric which enumerates and describes these causes. This is the Bernard-Henri Lévy bound by the engagements to which he has committed himself. This is Bernard-Henri Lévy the humanist, the universalist, and the supporter of all victims of all oppression, without exception. It is a Bernard-Henri Lévy whose qualities of constance and courage are little known. Courage? Few intellectuals, contemporaries or those who preceded him, have demonstrated an intrepidness comparable to his in covering wars, or during the shooting of Bosna! Constance? Few are aware of his fidelity to himself and his loyalty to others, his stubborn defense of what he judges just and true, or the way he never gives up the battles in which he has become involved, despite the passing years. These virtues, also, are rare, as they represent the contrary of the trend of the times and its frivolity. This is Bernard-Henri Lévy.