A conversation between Charlie Rose and Bernard-Henri Lévy about his last film : “The Battle of Mosul” (Vidéo, April 2017)

Bernard-Henri Lévy with a look at his new documentary, “The Battle of Mosul”

Bernard-Henri Lévy and his team embedded themselves with the Kurdish army, and then, with irakian Golden division, filmed the fall of the capital of the Islamic State in Iraq, from the opening shots to tragic sacrifices made by the soliders. Bernard-Henri Lévy’s report from the forefront of the battle against Islamic State continues where his latest film ‘Peshmerga’ ends: namely on the first day of the battle to recapture Mosul, Islamic State’s self-proclaimed capital in northern Iraq. ‘Peshmerga’ brought us to the over one thousand kilometre long front line that divides Kurds and ISIS. In October last year, the battle for the city began, which ended with the east part of Mosul finally being liberated just a few months ago. Lévy and his team are with the Kurdish units and the Iraqi special Golden Division forces step by step during the strategically complex operation, where the militant Jihadists with the black flag answer any advance with new attacks.


The Battle of Mosul, trailer :


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