Cohen Media Group has picked up all U.S. rights to Slava Ukraini, a new documentary on the war in Ukraine by famed French philosopher, activist and filmmaker Bernard-Henri Lévy.

Slava Ukraini will bow in select theaters on May 3 and go out nationwide on digital and VOD platforms May 5. Lévy will attend several screenings, including the May 3 premiere at the Quad Cinema in New York, a May 4 screening at the United Nations, and a May 6 screening at the Landmark Westwood in Los Angeles.

The film follows Lévy on the ground in Ukraine from the first days of Russia’s full-scale invasion. The war diary documents first-hand the Ukrainian counteroffensive from September 2022 through to the liberation of Kherson at the end of 2022. Embedded with the Ukrainian special forces, Lévy and his team were able to film from the heart of the war zone in key battlegrounds in Bakhmut, Lyman, Izium, and Kharkiv. The film shows the Russian attacks on civilian infrastructure in Kyiv, the evacuation of civilians in Donbas, the attack on the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant, and many other turning points in the war.

Co-directed by Marc Roussel (The Will to See), the film aims to give voice to Ukrainian citizens and soldiers who continue to defiantly resist Russian occupation. In Lévy’s view, Vladimir Putin’s barbarism in Ukraine an attack on the entire civilized world.

Lévy is no stranger to the conflict. The French philosopher has been traveling to and reporting on Ukraine for years. In 2014, on Independence Square in Maidan, he spoke to hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians defying Russian interference. He represented the President of France at commemorations for the Jews slaughtered at Babi Yar during World War II. Slava Ukraini is his second documentary on the current war, following Pourquoi l’Ukraine in 2022, also co-directed with Roussel.

“Cohen Media Group takes great pride in presenting these important and personal films that Bernard-Henri Lévy has generously and faithfully undertaken to alert the world to the atrocities and struggles that have fallen upon the Ukrainian people,” said Cohen Media Group chairman and CEO Charles S. Cohen, unveiling the deal, which was negotiated by CMG senior vp Robert Aaronson and Renan Artukmac, deputy senior vp, international sales for France Télévisions. Noted Aaronson: “We are proud to bring Slava Ukraini to a wide audience and help spread its important and urgent message.”

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