Day and Night (1997)

day and night



French writer Alexandre (Alain Delon) exchanges his stressful, hectic life in Paris for a more peaceful existence at a Mexican hacienda with his wife Ariane (Marianne Denicourt) and friend Lucien (Jean-Pierre Kalfon). Among their circle is Sonia (Lauren Bacall), a strange and oracular figure. As the film opens, the melancholy Alexandre is visited by a sensuous actress, Laure (Arielle Dombasle), and her producer, Raoul Fillipi (Karl Zero), who intend to make a movie of one of Alexandre’s best-loved books. Laure is determined to play the part of the heroine and is willing to resort to seduction to get it. At the same time, Ariane is involved in a passionate affair with French-Mexican seismologist Carlo (Xavier Beauvois). While all of these characters wrangle and tangle with their different agendas, the local residents prepare for a violent revolution.

A 2010 documentary, Anatomy of a Massacre, focuses on the sources of the intense negative reception that greeted Day and Night.

Director: Bernard-Henri Lévy

Screenwriters: Jean-Paul Enthoven, Bernard-Henri Levy

With Alain Delon, Lauren Bacall, Arielle Dombasle, Xavier Beauvois

Runtime: 1 h 52 min

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