October 4

Live On Stage in London

With Bernard-Henri Lévy

Conway Hall, London • United Kingdom

For fifty years philosopher and activist Bernard-Henri Lévy has reported on the world’s most urgent and overlooked humanitarian crises and human rights abuses.

Bernard-Henri Levy is one of the world’s most esteemed philosophers and public intellectuals; but his understanding of philosophy is anything but theoretical. A humanitarian activist of deep conviction, for fifty years he has reported from the sites of human rights abuses and humanitarian crises that fail to receive global attention or an active response, shedding light on urgent stories that Western media and governments have chosen to ignore.

Joining us live in central London, Bernard-Henri will share his investigative trips taken before and during the COVID pandemic, from the massacred Christian villages in Nigeria to a dangerously fragile Afghanistan on the eve of the Taliban talks, from an anti-Semitic ambush in Libya to the overrun refugee camp on the island of Lesbos.

Most important of all, he will argue that a truly humanist philosophy must necessarily lead to action in defence of the most vulnerable, issuing a stirring rebuke to indifference and an exhortation to level our gaze at those most hidden from us.