Philosopher and author Bernard-Henri Levy, who has written a play about keeping Britain in the European Union, claimed “Great Britain with Brexit will become Little England”.

Mr Levy told Channel 4 News: “The UK will fall in time off a big economical crisis.

“But I want to say a second thing, that Europe itself has a huge responsibility in the vote for Brexit.”

The French philosopher said he “fears” a “Frexit” after Britain has left the EU.

Mr Levy was asked by Channel 4 host Jon Snow whether Britain leaving the EU will “disintegrate Europe”. In response, the philosopher said: “That’s exactly what I fear and what I expect. I hope to be wrong.”

He added: “It is not the first time that people, and the great people, will vote against its own interests. This happens very often in human history and in modern history.

“And I think it is the responsibility of those who really believe that Brexit is digging the tomb of some great English principles to tell it clearly.”

Mr Snow pointed out that most of the people attending his London-based play are likely to be Remainers and insisted he should go to the north of the UK where there is a stronger presence of Brexit-voters.

In response, Mr Levy said: “If I have a serious invitation from one of these places you are mentioning, a fair invitation, I will be happy to go.”

He also claimed Britain will be “unable” to cope outside of the EU. He said: “They have to know that they will be unable, like us, unable to master the main issues of today – migrants, terrorism, criminal financial movements are manageable only on a European level.”

Mr Levy’s play, Last Exit Before Brexit, is about a speechwriter who has to compose a speech on the future of Europe and use it as an effort to keep the UK in the EU.

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