Paris Terror Attacks : “let’s help the Kurds in a more decisive way because they are the real boots on the ground” (Charlie Rose, the 16th of November 2015)

A panel examines the political and military reactions to the November 13th ISIS terror attacks in Paris, including comments made today by President Barack Obama at the G20 summit in Turkey.

” One attack in Paris like you had in New York 14 years ago and one frontline which is the most important in Syria and Iraq. What Hollande said today against many political forces in France is that if you don’t eradicate ISIS In its core which is in Syria and in Iraq you will have cancer metastasis everywhere for years and years. Either you hit there or you will have hell here inEurope and in America. Hollande made that very clear. It isn’t easy for a minor country like France to take this sort of leadership from the head toward the idea of hitting military but he did it. And you can be for him or against — it is brave and right.” said Bernard-Henri Lévy.

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