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How to Stop Erdogan

Bernard-Henri Lévy, Tablet, October 09, 2020

Turkey’s authoritarian president poses an active danger to Western interests. He must be contained.

Ukraine and the Jews

Bernard-Henri Lévy, Tablet, March 14, 2022

Unlike official Russia, Ukraine is an example of mourning and redemption done right.

The Key to Peace Is in Our Hands

Bernard-Henri Lévy, Tablet, June 20, 2023

Only the West can guarantee victory for Ukraine.

The Post-Election Ruminations of Vladimir Putin

Bernard-Henri Lévy, Tablet, March 22, 2018

It’s good to be the czar.

Put Ukraine on the U.N. Security Council

Bernard-Henri Lévy, The Wall Street Journal, May 21, 2023

Russia’s membership has no legal basis and should be transferred.

In the Heart of Combat

Alessandra Stanley, Air Mail, May 01, 2023

Bernard-Henri Lévy is out with the sequel to 'Why Ukraine?', bringing his viewers to the front lines during a turning point in the war.

Free Evan Gershkovich

Bernard-Henri Lévy, Tablet, April 11, 2023

By taking an American journalist hostage, Putin’s Russia announces its transformation into a full-blown terrorist state.

Top French Editors Condemn Detention of WSJ Reporter Evan Gershkovich in Russia

Benoît Faucon, The Wall Street Journal, April 02, 2023

Media groups, in letter to the Russian ambassador to Paris, denounce arrest of the journalist.

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