Bernard-Henri Lévy

Bernard-Henri Lévy – ICON : Special IRF Roundtable & Conversation (October 27, 2021)

French philosopher, filmmaker, activist, and author, Bernard-Henri Lévi speaks as he reports on his travels from some of the most dangerous and forgotten places in the world, like Afghanistan and Nigeria, which are detailed in his latest book & film, The Will to See. He shares his findings at this special roundtable and press conference.

This event was held on Wednesday, October 27th at the Hyatt Regency on the Hill (DC).
Bernard-Henri Lévy’s discussed findings are contained in his latest book/film ‘The Will to See’, which is a report based on his recent travels to several conflict zones, including Nigeria.

Few have made the case for liberal interventionism more consistently than Bernard-Henri Lévy. Despite the disasters of Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan, the French public intellectual’s worldview has remained largely unchanged. He raises concerns for places like Nigeria, where he notices a reasonable call for Christians in Western countries to care more because of their solidarity of faith.

The West should care about massacres, in general, just as they should care about people embracing their values and values. Why do Christians in the West support the Christians of the Middle East, but nothing for the Christians of Nigeria?

Order “The Will to See” (released on October 26, 2021), Bernard-Henri Lévy’s latest book on or Yale University Press 👉

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Bernard-Henri Lévy – ICON : Special IRF Roundtable & Conversation (October 27, 2021)