Who is Liliane Lazar ?

lilianelazarLiliane Lazar was raised in Paris and began her studies there before moving to the United States where she married and pursued her studies at Columbia University, completing a doctoral thesis on The Idea of « Freedom in the Fiction of Simone de Beauvoir ».
General Secretary of the International Simone de Beauvoir Society since 1983, she participates in all the Society’s conferences and has written numerous articles for « Simone de Beauvoir Studies ».
She is the co-author, with Nadine Dormoy, of « A Chacun sa France» (1990).
As a professor of French at Hofstra University she organized a conference in 1994 on French feminist writers.
She co-organized with Sandrine Dauphin and Michel Rybalka the « From Beauvoir to Sartre and from Sartre to Beauvoir » conference that was held in Paris in June 2003.
She will publish in the Fall 2009 « L’Empreinte Beauvoir », a collection of essays and recollection devoted to Simone de Beauvoir’s works and influence.
She met Bernard-Henri Levy in 1980 at New York University, where he was giving the seminar that would give birth to his book « L’idéologie Française». She has never lost touch with him since then or his work, which she comments on regularly, especially in the « French Review».