Why this website?

This is the official website of Bernard-Henri Lévy.
I originally created it ten years ago with the help of a small group of American students and former students who, like myself,  had become intrigued by Bernard-Henri Lévy’s work.
My aim was to make his singular body of writing better known-beginning with the creation of an archive built up over a twenty-year period which brings together the bulk of what has been published on BHL’s books and activities, often in publications no longer available.
Time went by, and the website evolved at the pace of the author’s work and life.
Bernard-Henri Lévy has generously acknowledged the validity of the work I pursued during this time and has given me access to his publishers’ archives as well as some of his personal archives.
At his request, his friend Jean-Baptiste Descroix-Vernier has graciously lent me his invaluable assistance, along with that of his adorable team at Rentabiliweb in order to remake the original, handmade website into this graphically elegant and efficient new version. The website makes use of all the links that today’s internet universe permits: twitter, RSS, a related Facebook page, a Dailymotion and YouTube presence, faster and safer references through search engines, easy access to articles and news to forward or “Digg.”
This is realized the dream I nourished since the day when, still a student, I met the future author of L’Idéologie francaise when he gave a seminar at New York University: to provide his friends and all those interested in his work, students and researchers, a reliable data base and research tool worthy of him.
Liliane Lazar