Bernard-Henri Lévy

The Testament of God

302 pages

Publisher: Harper & Row

ISBN: 9780060126162

Translator: George Holoch

Issue date: January 1980

The Testament of God addresses itself to one single and penetrating question: what could possibly be the principles and foundations of a successful anti-communism in this modern world which seems never to tire of creating monsters of barbarism ? In his previous work, Barbarism with the human face, Lévy laid bare the claims of Marxism: “Apply Marxism in any country you want, you will always find a Gulag in the end”. In this new book Lévy turns to the text of the Bible to replace the claims of a Marxist ideal society. He demonstrates that the prophets of the Book are the founders of the idea of Resistance. He shows that this ethic of refusal to submit—to which our century lead us—has been there forever; that we seem to have eyes for not seeing, ears for not hearing this infinite recourse to a tradition which saved man, in saving God. They say God is dead? In this age of the death of God, and thus of the gas chambers and the concentration camps, one cannot exaggerate the urgency of calling upon the monotheist Testament. The Testament of God comes out and says that the answers to our questions lie in the scriptures.