The Will to See

Yale University Press • October 2021

An unflinching look at the most urgent humanitarian crises around the globe, from one of the world’s most daring philosopher-reporters.

Past as Prologue

Middle East Institute • July 2021

In spring 2002, French philosopher and human rights activist Bernard-Henri Lévy traveled to Afghanistan at the request of the French president to assess the conditions on the ground and determine how France could contribute to its rebirth as a nation

The Virus in the Age of Madness

Yale University Press • July 2020

A trenchant look at how the coronavirus reveals the dangerous fault lines of contemporary society

As seen on CNN’s Fareed...

The Empire and the Five Kings

Henry Holt and Co. • February 2019

One of the West’s leading intellectuals offers a provocative look at America’s withdrawal from world leadership and the rising powers who seek to fill the vacuum left behind.

The Genius of Judaism

Random House Trade Paperbacks • January 2017

For more than four decades, Bernard-Henri Lévy has been a singular figure on the world stage—one of the great moral...

Public Enemies

Random House • January 2011

In one corner, Bernard-Henri Lévy, creator of the classic Barbarism with a Human Face, dismissed by the media as a wealthy, self-promoting, arrogant do-gooder. In the other, Michel Houellebecq, bestselling author of The Elementary Particles, widely derided as a sex-obsessed racist and misogynist.

Left in Dark Times

Random House • October 2009

In this unprecedented critique, Bernard-Henri Lévy revisits his political roots, scrutinizes the totalitarianisms of the past as well as those...

American Vertigo

Random House Trade Paperbacks • April 2007

What does it mean to be an American, and what can America be today? To answer these questions, celebrated philosopher...

War, Evil and the end of History

Melville House Publishing • March 2004

From the maverick author of the international bestseller Who Killed Daniel Pearl? — “a gripping blend of reportage and philosophy,”...

Who Killed Daniel Pearl ?

Melville House Publishing • September 2003

It was a horrible tragedy, but what if, hidden behind the story of the gruesome on-camera murder of journalist Daniel Pearl, was another, still darker story?


Polity Press Publishing • September 2003

Bernard-Henri Levy shows how Sartre cannot be understood without taking into account his relations with the intellectual forebears and contemporaries, the lovers and friends, with whom he conducted a lifelong debate.

Adventures on the Freedom Road

Harvill Press Publishing • October 1995

From the days when Zola and Peguy brandished their pens in pursuit of political action, the question of Literature at the service of Political Commitment has remained a live issue, most of all in France.

The Testament of God

Harper & Row • January 1980

Barbarism With a Human Face

Harper & Row Publishing • January 1980

Levy was a left-wing student leader during the events of May 1968; Barbarism With A Human Face is a fiercely polemical transvaluation of his former values.