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Put Ukraine on the U.N. Security Council

Bernard-Henri Lévy, The Wall Street Journal, May 21, 2023

Russia’s membership has no legal basis and should be transferred.

Keeping The Focus On Ukraine

Tom Teicholz, Forbes, May 02, 2023

Bernard-Henri Levy's new documentary on the war in Ukraine, 'Slava Ukraini', a powerful instrument to remind us about the importance of this war, and the importance of caring about its outcome.

A New Masada Is Born in the Ukraine War

Bernard-Henri Lévy, The Wall Street Journal, May 04, 2023

The Azov Brigade takes its inspiration from a legendary Jewish battle.

Cohen Media Group Takes Ukraine Doc From Bernard-Henri Lévy for U.S.

Bernard-Henri Lévy, The Hollywood Reporter, April 04, 2023

The famed French philosopher and activist traveled to the heart of the war zone for 'Slava Ukraini,' his cinematic diary on the Russian invasion and Ukraine's resistance.

How Can Jews Support Ukraine After the Holocaust?

Bernard-Henri Lévy, Tablet, February 24, 2023

An exchange between Bernard-Henri Lévy and Natan Sharansky, from the recent Tablet event in partnership with the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine.

Ukraine Belongs in NATO

Bernard-Henri Lévy, The Wall Street Journal, January 27, 2023

Henry Kissinger now says the idea of a neutral Kyiv is ‘no longer meaningful.’

The View from Here: The rock star and soul of Ukraine

Bernard-Henri Lévy, Air Mail, December 24, 2022

The one and only passion of this man, who is also a thinker, a distinguished scientist, and, yes, a former member of Parliament, is obviously music.