Bernard-Henri Levy's reaction to Israel's operation off the coast of Gaza (english)

GAZAI learned, from Tel Aviv, of the calamitous inspection operation conducted by Tsahal units against the six ships that had left Turkey with the supposed intent to break through the Gaza blockade. At the time of this writing and like everyone else, I dispose of very little information about what actually happened. And I am sure that we will soon learn that this «humanitarian» flotilla was humanitarian in name only, that they took advantage of signs and symbols and had the media coup in mind much more than the misery of a people. And that the Turkish branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, if not such a party in the Turkish government, responsible for this provocation had good reasons to refuse to put in at the port of Ashdod, as proposed, so the actual contents in the ships’ holds could be verified. Be that as it may. I am equally sure that the Tsahal I know, careful with human lives and imbued with the purity of arms, this army that is not only ultra-sophisticated but profoundly democratic as well, whose conduct in times of war I have often admired, had other means of action available than to set off this blood bath. And had I the very least hesitation, even one, as to the appropriateness of increased vigilance on the part of Israel’s friends, had I but one doubt, only one, as to the importance of this JCall and the disjunction it allows us to make between unfailing support of Israel and the necessary criticism of the bad actions of a bad government, this stupid, irresponsible, criminal and, for Israel herself, disastrous initiative would have settled the question. Sorrow. Distress. Anger as well, faced with this temptation I know well on the part of some Israeli leaders, one that consists of believing they are alone in the world and will always be blamed, and to act accordingly. Autism is no policy. Nor, even less, a strategy. It is right to say so. And firmly.
Bernard-Henri Lévy

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